Terms and Conditions Loyalty Program

  • Loyalty Program is not available to, and excludes all customers on national supply and contract pricing arrangements.
  • Points not used to claim a reward will expire 12 months from the date of the invoice through which they were awarded.
  • New Customer "Bonus Points" are issued once per ABN.
  • Redeemable Loyalty Points are those points which have been credited to the customer's account upon payment of the invoices.
  • All trading accounts must be current and free of overdue payments at the time the rewards are claimed.
  • Total Office National will arrange delivery of your claimed reward, however accepts no responsibility for lost or damaged goods. Freight charges may apply to out of metro areas. Alternatively, the customer can arrange to collect their reward from Pencraft Office National at 56 Arthur Street, FORTITUDE VALLEY, QLD 4006
  • Rewards are not redeemable for cash.
  • Different product groups attract different point values. (Ask your representative for details).
  • Rewards marked * conditions apply.
  • Rewards are subject to availability.
  • Rewards and their point values are subject to change without notice.
  • Terms and Conditions for the use of Vouchers are as per the terms and conditions stipulated by the primary source of the respective Voucher and not by Total Office National
  • Any typographic or other error in the publication or advertisement of Loyalty Program Rewards which is obvious and explicit, will deem the subject reward "not claimable" in the erroneous format; in this instance the error will first be rectified by Pencraft Office National, only after which the subject reward will then be available to claim using available points.